Robert Brunel

My philosophy

It is necessary to understand that the kitchen is a constantly developing scientific and creative workshop.
Science, or rather Art, like cooking, can be understood by many people, if love is mixed with curiosity.
I mean, it’s easier to understand a recipe, whether scientific or culinary, when you’re passionate about it.
To know the pleasure of cooking, you need to find the right keys that open the right door.
In conclusion, I want to say that cooking can bring great joy from the satisfaction of your work, giving the opportunity to share with your guests or friends creations that you have made.

The path of the chief

Diploma of cookery, school of hoteliers of Avignon, a Finalist in the national culinary
competition «Best trainee» in 1975
— Internships in Michelin-starred hotels and castles:
    — L’hôtel d’Europe, Avignon
    — L’auberge de Noves (2 Michelin stars)
    — L’oustau de Baumanière (3 Michelin stars)
    — Kitchen worker, Hiely Lucullus (2 Michelin stars)
    — Kitchen worker, Le Vivarois (3 Michelin stars)
    — Kitchen worker, Les Santons (2 Michelin stars)


1977: restaurant La Grasihado, Vaison-La-Romaine, 1 Michelin star. Awarded as the youngest (at that time 20 years old) chef of the guide. Record not beaten until now!
1979: Brunel restaurant, Avignon, 1 Michelin star!
1995: Bistro Le Mesclun, Avignon
2003: Le Numéro 75, Avignon

Le Numéro 75

Today, the restaurants are run by well-mannered employees and partners who worked with me.


— La villa Medicis, Rome. Residence of the arts of France in Italy, founded by Napoleon Bonaparte. After my arrival for the organization of banquet services, French cooking, as another art form, was included in the program of the residence
— Hotel La Mirande, Avignon. The most beautiful 5* hotel in Europe according to many tourist guides. I organized at the hotel cooking school «Le Marmiton»
— Le Clos du Buis, Bonnieux.
— Le Mas de la Brune, Egeler
Conducting courses for 7 years in the United States :
— The Heathman Hotel, Portland, Oregon
— Cooking school, Portland, Oregon
— Cooking school, Boulder, Colorado
— Cooking school, North Carolina


2007-2012: the creation of a culinary educational project for the employees of the company VESTA, based on the joint opening of  French restaurant “Mes Amis” (Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region), through the Avignon- Novokuznetsk teleconference, in tandem with CEO of the group and my friend Andrey Matviyuk.

Organization of master classes in Krasnodar in 2019, and the launch of a large educational project for Russian chefs ‘CHEF.ART‘ in the form of full-time courses in Provence and Russia, as well as online education,together with my friend and business partner Andrey Matviyuk.

Educational service

-Training of personnel in the catering industry
-Organization of culinary courses

You will understand that cooking is not just following the recipe book, it is an art where you need to find the right balance in working with food.
You will learn to respect the product, by keeping and never hiding its original taste that is the greatest value of the product, and only emphasizing it by adding spices and seasoning!